Why VivaBella Postpartum Belly Wraps

Before we dive into why the VivaBella Postpartum Belly Wrap is the perfect choice, we’d like to share the history and science behind belly wraps in general.

Belly binding is an ancient tradition practiced by many cultures worldwide. Traditionally, it involved tightly wrapping the midsection from just below the ribs to just above the hips with a thin cloth. The technique and duration of belly binding vary between cultures, but the practice provides compression to support the belly, hips, and waist postpartum.

While various cultures have their customs, belly binding is most effective during a specific period. This effectiveness is due to the hormone Relaxin, which is produced during pregnancy to relax muscles and ligaments in preparation for childbirth. After delivery, the body works to rebalance hormones to normal levels. Relaxin can take up to 12 months to decrease, but there is an 8-to-12-week window where its levels are high enough for belly binding to be beneficial.



This is where we come in! With feedback from mums around the world, we’ve designed a belly wrap that embraces the concept of belly binding with added modern twists. Our wrap is made with soft, breathable fabric that is latex-free, providing just the right amount of compression. This compression takes advantage of the higher level of Relaxin to help your body return to its pre-pregnancy shape. The wrap is easy to use and adjustable, ensuring comfort throughout your postpartum journey.

During pregnancy, core muscles often weaken, making it challenging to sit properly while breastfeeding. The VivaBella Postpartum Belly Wrap offers built-in support to help keep your core aligned during breastfeeding and other activities where you might be sitting.

Our wrap is thin enough to be worn discreetly under any outfit throughout the day and stylish enough to wear over workout attire and pajamas.

Last but not least… Understanding the challenges of new motherhood, we’ve made our belly wrap easy to clean. Simply hand wash and lay flat to dry.

Still have questions? Contact us! We’re always more than happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the Viva Bella Postpartum Belly Wraps!