About Us

Who is VivaBella? We are a team of mums just like you! Built around our core concept of helping mums celebrate their bodies through their postpartum journey in comfort, we believe that superior quality comfort and support should be accessible for every new mum!

Over the last decade, the VivaBella team has worked with several postpartum belly wrap companies. While each offered its own benefits, none stood out as exceptional. So, we decided it was time to take everything we’ve learned and create our own wrap—with the simple goal of providing the perfect comfort solutions for our customers.


Who Designed the VivaBella Belly Wrap

Quite literally… you, and other mums like you! One of our team's greatest strengths is that when our mums have something to say, we listen! Having worked for so many years with so many belly wraps and new mums, we have gathered a wealth of feedback from around the world. We carefully curated all this feedback to create a belly wrap that not only provides comfort but also other benefits.

What are the Benefits of VivaBella Belly Wraps

Gentle Compression: Our wrap provides gentle compression to help ease postpartum discomfort in the midsection. Through extensive feedback, we developed a compression level that is just right—not too much, not too minimal.

Support During Breastfeeding: Our wrap provides essential support for your core muscles, which can be weakened during pregnancy, enhancing comfort during breastfeeding.

Adjustable Fit: As your body transitions and begins to return to its pre-pregnancy shape, the VivaBella belly wrap is easy to adjust, fitting your changing body throughout your postpartum journey.

Discreet Wear: Designed with soft, breathable fabric, our wrap is thin enough to wear unnoticed under any outfit, providing comfortable compression.

Everyday Support: Ideal for providing support and comfort for all everyday activities, our wrap is also perfect for workouts!


We’re excited to offer this belly wrap to new mums. And this is just the beginning! Keep an eye on our team as we grow and provide more postpartum products in the future.